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Free Smartphone App Silences Satan

The Shut Up, Devil! app is an innovative resource that puts the power of...

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Duck Dynasty Endorses God Less America

Lake Mary, FL— Phil Roberston, the outspoken, God-fearing, patriarch in the groundbreaking A&E reality...

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Todd Starnes: American Christians are un…

See the book promo video here.Lake Mary, FL— If you have a television, radio,...

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Can you be gay and Christian?

Dr. Michael Brown addresses the defining question of modern day: Can you be gay and...

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Harbinger Reaches NYT Milestone 100 Week…

Lake Mary, FL— Charisma House is proud to be the first to make the...

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Excel Publishers launches new imprint in…

Lake Mary, FL— Excel Publishers announces a trail-blazing initiative with My Healthy Church, a...

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Rod Parsley releases new teaching on the…

Lake Mary, FL— The cross of Jesus Christ is offensive. Its implications, an outrage....

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Charisma House announces new Bible trans…

Charisma House, the book group of Charisma Media, announces an updated translation of the...

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John Eckhardt prayer series sells one mi…

Lake Mary, FL— Charisma House recently announced Best-selling author John Eckhardt’s Prayers for Spiritual Battle...

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Todd Starnes Signs Book Deal With Charis…

Todd Starnes, host of Fox News & Commentary, recently signed a one-book deal with Charisma...

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09/02/2014 MEV Thinline Reference Bible
– Black
09/02/2014 MEV Thinline Reference Bible
– Cranberry
09/02/2014 MEV Thinline Reference Bible
– Casebound
09/02/2014 The Mystery of the Shemitah
– Jonathan Cahn
09/02/2014 Resilient
– Ron Luce
09/02/2014 Silence Satan
– Kyle Winkler
09/02/2014 China's Opening Door
– Dennis Balcombe
09/02/2014 Impostor
– Rita Schulte
09/02/2014 Distortion
– Chelsen Vicari
09/02/2014 From a Mess to a Miracle
– Kim Daniels

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Come Up Here...the Door is Open

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621367185
Released: 09/02/14
List Price: $14.99
Page Count: 240

If you knew heaven’s door was opened wide for you to get a glimpse of heaven while on Earth, would you be willing to take a look?
Catherine E. Wright was, and it changed her life for eternity.
Come Up Here…the Door Is Open unveils Catherine’s numerous supernatural experiences with the heavenly realms of visions and angels, and explains why they resulted when she accepted Jesus’ invitation to enjoy a deeper spiritual life through worship. Scriptural foundations for her encounters, such as Acts 2:16-21, are provided, as are principles for accessing the heavenly realm.
Come Up Here…the Door Is Open is a compelling spiritual memoir of the author’s spiritual life during periods of triumph, happiness, and sorrow. In it you’ll see how her own personal angelic visions and encounters with Jesus unshakably deepened her love for Him. 


The Vine and the Branches

Available as: Hardcover,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621366638
Released: 09/02/14
List Price: $24.99
Page Count: 320

It was with the aim of “Worldwide, Interdenominational Evangelism” that Aimee Semple McPherson dedicated Angelus Temple on January 1, 1923. Shortly thereafter, an evangelistic training institute was created. And in 1927, the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel came into existence.

From its beginning in the early twentieth century, the ministry of the Foursquare Gospel Church and its message of “Jesus Christ the same, Yesterday and Today and Forever,” has spread into more than 140 countries of the world, with more than 66,000 churches ministering to more than 8.7 million members worldwide.
The Vine and the Branches: A History of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel) traces the growth of the Foursquare Church, its doctrine, organization, mission to the world, and even its difficulties. Written by one who was a productive participant in much of its history, this book provides an honest accurate and perceptive record of those who have contributed to its present role in the Body of Christ.


Disabled and Blessed

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781621367338
Released: 08/05/14
List Price: $10.99
Page Count: 128

Hope and Help for Those in Need  
A practical and personal guide to the social security disability process
Disability can be devastating.
Sickness, accident, or injury can change anyone's life unexpectedly. And when  it does you face not only physical but financial and emotional challenges too.
Help is available, but finding it can demand strength, hope, and perseverance just when they seem to be in shortest supply.
Inspired by his mother's own struggle to secure the assistance she was due after a debilitating surgery, David Anthony presents the information and inspiration needed to guide you through the social security disability process—for yourself or a loved one.
Equal parts handbook, guide book, and personal workbook, Disabled and Blessed tells you:
  • Who to contact (government departments, organizations, professionals)
  • What to expect (procedures and time frames)
  • How to navigate the system (applications and appeals)
  • Where to find support (personal care)
Disabled and Blessed will help you access the practical and personal resources necessary to ensure a purposeful life despite practical limitations.


Created With Purpose

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621367406
Released: 08/05/14
List Price: $10.99
Page Count: 128

God created the earth to be the setting for His highest creation, man and woman, and He alone understands the purpose for which He designed each person.

As a Christian woman, do you believe God knows what He created you to do? If not, Created With Purpose will erase your doubts. It will anchor you with hope that as you discover and practice His purpose for you, you will enjoy a life of fulfillment that is pleasing to Him.

Author Holly Eggert’s daily readings of Bible verses, commentary, and questions for reflection will inspire you to pursue the kind of personal renewal that will unfold God’s purpose for your life. Created With Purpose will set your focus on becoming the confident, effective, and influential woman of God that He wants you to be!


The Third Row

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621367444
Released: 08/05/14
List Price: $9.99
Page Count: 96

B. Derone Robinson lays out the plan God has for ensuring a steady, consistent rate of success in all areas of your life. He teaches about the significance of the “third row” of stones God strategically added to the ephod of the high priest in Exodus 28:17-21, revealing why this passage of Scripture is prophetically tied to our victory, blessing, and inheritance as believers.

The Third Row shows you the correct way to be blessed and prosperous in the kingdom of God and how to succeed in His plans and purposes. You’ll learn how to stay in spiritual alignment with God’s order of success so that you will be successful in life—His way.


The Overcomers

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621367468
Released: 08/05/14
List Price: $13.99
Page Count: 224

Overview of the Plot

A university professor is assassinated in his Tel Aviv office. A young woman is gunned down in a Fort Worth cow pasture. Each wore a pendant of polished white stone veined with red: the emblem of an Overcomer. A coincidence? Or is someone marking the Overcomers team for death?

The Overcomers Task Force is a highly trained antiterrorism squad with a unique specialty: they exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit and hear from God in an official capacity as counterintelligence operatives. When a global conspiracy threatens the Middle East, the OTF goes into action, drawing investigative journalist Ma’ayan Bracha into the covert op where she witnesses supernatural powers she’s only read about in the ancient Scriptures of Israel.

If she can learn to trust the One she cannot see, Ma’ayan will discover that her destiny lies with the Overcomers.

JL McKay’s fascinating scenario challenges us to imagine what could happen in world events if believers were officially empowered to team with the Holy Spirit to subvert the enemy’s schemes.


Taters and Peas

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621367482
Released: 08/05/14
List Price: $13.99
Page Count: 224

Life can get tough sometimes, even for Christians. Having a regular serving of encouragement, then, is vital to our Christian health.
As nourishment for our faith, author Betty Terry Smith bids us dine on Taters and Peas, her sometimes serious, sometimes light-hearted blend of prose and poetry uniting ingredients of everyday life into a hearty helping of God’s eternal truths.

Applying her down-home metaphor, Betty explains that God, as the Master Gardener of our lives, sees us as more than mere common “taters” (potatoes) in His garden. In His eyes we are “sweet taters”—plantings destined for a more aromatic fruition. To sweeten us, He pairs us with “peas” (or P’s), a blend of Promises, Protection, Prayers, Perseverance, and Praise.

Taters and Peas serves up a down-to-earth approach to putting your roots deep in God’s soil so you’ll grow into a healthy, vibrant Christian.


5000 Arrows

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621367536
Released: 08/05/14
List Price: $15.99
Page Count: 256

The power of God transforms a primitive people
Mason and Virgene Hughes' thrilling account of their years as missionaries to Papua New Guinea reads like a modern-day version of the Book of Acts.
Confronting physical challenges, cultural opposition, and demonic resistance, the remarkable couple was instrumental in initiating a powerful, miraculous move of God among a Stone Age people.
The sick were healed and the dead raised as the Hughes stepped out in simple faith to follow God's calling as missionaries with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.
Today 2.3 million Foursquare members meet in 20,000 churches across the South Pacific, in large part because of the Hughes' pioneering work.
With candor, humor, and thankfulness, they recall God's faithfulness and power. But this is more than just a collection of remarkable true-life stories.
As you follow the Hughes on their missionary adventures, you'll be inspired to trust God for the seemingly impossible in similar ways.


Digging for Diamonds

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621367628
Released: 08/05/14
List Price: $7.99
Page Count: 64

Your guide to overcoming the trauma of sexual violence
One in six women has suffered rape or attempted rape. Most cases are never reported, meaning the attackers go free—while those assaulted are often imprisoned by the trauma. They are held gripped by:
·         Shame
·         Fear
·         Guilt
·         Anger
No more. It's time to break the chains.
Having faced her own painful experiences of sexual violence, Sally Stiele knows that God can bring freedom from the lies that linger after abuse.
Sharing her own story, she reveals how God worked renewal and restoration in her life, and how He wants to do the same for you.
Combining biblical insights with practical exercises proven in sexual abuse groups, Sally walks alongside as you replace shame with confidence, fear with courage, guilt with peace , and anger with forgiveness.
This is a message of hope for any woman who feels stained by sexual trauma. Your true identity is not damaged goods but a diamond, waiting to sparkle in God's gentle hands.


Christ and His Church

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621367574
Released: 08/05/14
List Price: $7.99
Page Count: 80

Hope for tomorrow from the church's yesterdays
It has been said that history repeats itself because no one is listening. But the truth is that history repeats itself because through it God is speaking, for those who want to hear.
This book will help those tuning their ears to His voice to trace it through almost two thousand years of church history.
From the Roman Empire and the Crusades to the Reformation and the rise of Islam, Frank Lanza shows how despite persecution from without and struggles within, the church has survived because it is part of “a grand divine plan.”
This brisk history reveals the ways in which God has protected and shepherded His church so that it can stand victorious against an ultimate challenge to His reign.
You will find renewed hope for tomorrow from a clearer view of God's ways in the past.

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