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Bookstore Contest Launches Upon 'God Les…

Charisma House announced today the God Less America Retailer Contest, a unique opportunity for trade bookstores...

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Harbinger Reaches NYT Milestone 100 Week…

Lake Mary, FL— Charisma House is proud to be the first to make the...

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Excel Publishers launches new imprint in…

Lake Mary, FL— Excel Publishers announces a trail-blazing initiative with My Healthy Church, a...

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Rod Parsley releases new teaching on the…

Lake Mary, FL— The cross of Jesus Christ is offensive. Its implications, an outrage....

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Charisma House announces new Bible trans…

Charisma House, the book group of Charisma Media, announces an updated translation of the...

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John Eckhardt prayer series sells one mi…

Lake Mary, FL— Charisma House recently announced Best-selling author John Eckhardt’s Prayers for Spiritual Battle...

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Todd Starnes Signs Book Deal With Charis…

Todd Starnes, host of Fox News & Commentary, recently signed a one-book deal with Charisma...

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Jonathan Cahn: God Is Warning America

Has God used tragedy and economic collapse to warn America? To incite the nation...

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God Less America Retailer Contest Rules

 Official Contest Rules: 1. All participating stores MUST register online at: and must submit a...

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Can the Church Respond to Depression?

Can the Church Respond to Depression? by Jenny SwindallIt’s amazing how many Christians are...

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04/01/2014 There's a Crack in Your Armor
– Perry Stone
04/01/2014 God's Covenant With You for Deliverance and Freedom
– John Eckhardt
03/04/2014 Tapestry of Faith
– Joni Parsley
03/04/2014 Signed in His Blood
– Ray Beeson
03/04/2014 Inspired by the Psalms
– Elizabeth A. Nixon
03/04/2014 I Am Remnant
– Pat Schatzline
03/04/2014 Angel Stories
– Jonathan Nixon
03/04/2014 Everlasting Hope
– Charisma House
02/04/2014 Dear God, We Need to Talk
– Darren Schalk
02/04/2014 Father, Son and the Other One
– Jeff Kennedy

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Blood and Glory

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621367253
Released: 04/01/14
List Price: $10.99
Page Count: 128

Steve Hawkins challenges us to see the full power of the cross in his new book, Blood and Glory. From our first moment of salvation, he writes, the cross will always be where our old lives are exchanged for Jesus’s new life. We never “grow up” from our need for the cross’s life-altering power.
Blood and Glory will help you keep this truth grounded in your life. It will show you how to:
·         Stay rooted in Christ.
·         Retain your spiritual balance as you seek His gifts.
·         Pursue His supernatural power with a clear vision.
If you desire to live intimately with Jesus and partner with Him in changing lives across the globe, you’ll need a full view of the cross. Blood and Glory will show you why the abundant life Jesus promised begins—and ends—at the cross. 


This Is What I See and Hear

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621367086
Released: 04/01/14
List Price: $7.99
Page Count: 64

If Jesus Christ returned today, would you be ready? Not sure? Then This Is What I See and Hear! is just what you need to help you commit your life to Him now while there is still time.
In this new book, author Judith Lingenfelter details dreams and visions God has given her about events that will take place before Jesus returns. Some of them are joyous; some are sad and fearful.

But her message is one of hope, not of gloom and doom. You will see that God is always for us. In His mercy He is holding off the end of this age so all might receive His salvation in Jesus.
If you aren’t ready, then This Is What I See and Hear! brings you good news: It isn’t too late to get ready!


Football Meditations

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621367123
Released: 03/26/14
List Price: $12.99
Page Count: 160

Football Meditations will connect your passion for the game with your hunger to know God’s Word and how to apply it in your life. Part devotional, part evangelism handbook, part Word of God-pocket-promise book, it delivers the excitement and language of the rough-and-tumble sport in simple terms that will score points with any No. 1 fan.
Football Meditations will:
  • Connect you with God’s Word.
  • Show you everyday ways to apply Scripture.
  • Equip you to share the gospel.
  • Teach you how to lead someone to Christ.
  • Remind you of God's great promises.
Even if you’re not glued to the games all weekend, you probably know someone who is. With Football Meditations, they’ll also gain positive yardage in their Christian life.  



Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621364009
Released: 03/04/14
List Price: $15.99
Page Count: 256

Gatehaven by Molly Noble Bull is a Christian Gothic historical novel set in a haunting mansion in the north of England where Ian Colquhoun and Shannon Aimee battle a Frenchman with dark secrets--spiritual warfare vs. the occult.  Will they learn enough about God’s words to defend themselves and others or will evil overcome them?

Gatehaven is the 2013 Creation House Fiction Writing Contest Winner.


When God Is Silent

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621366775
Released: 03/04/14
List Price: $9.99
Page Count: 112

What do you do when you’ve prayed and prayed and there seems to be no answer? 

Kellie Lane knows what it is like to feel as though you are holding a ticket for a ride that’s never going to arrive.

Through personal experience and Bible study she has learned how to hold on to heaven’s promises--for yourself or others--when it seems like all hell is breaking loose.
You will discover why you may be waiting, where God is in this difficult season, and what you can do to cooperate with His plans and purposes for you.

If it feels like the heavens have turned to brass, let prayer warrior Kellie Lane show you how to position yourself to receive the gold that is coming your way through the fire of refinement.


Into the Garden

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621366751
Released: 03/04/14
List Price: $10.99
Page Count: 128

Imagine being given a divine glimpse of the way things were before being marred by sin, the way they will be again one day. Perfect and pure.

Now let Sara Whitney Ewan take you there, as she recalls her remarkable heavenly visitation. Swept up in the Spirit, she marvels at the faultlessness of all she sees, only for Jesus to tell her,

Beauty is My Father’s penmanship.

A gifted worship leader and singer-songwriter, Sara writes poetically of her encounter, in which she was shown new dimensions of God’s eternal love for His children.
Go with her, and you will return with a fresh revelation of God’s passion for you, a new awareness that will change your life. This inspiring book illuminates and celebrates the incomparable bridegroom love of Jesus for His bride, the Church. After sharing Sara’s experience, you will walk more secure than ever in His forever love.


Don't Chase Me Out of the Church

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781621366683
Released: 03/04/14
List Price: $10.99
Page Count: 128

Whether you open the doors for church every Sunday—or run the other way when the doors open—you share one thing in common with every person: the need for a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

Adalia Raye Gwaltney issues a clarion call for each of us to enter a covenant relationship with God’s Son—and to become part of a good church where our faith can grow. God wants us to be confident and fulfilled, not filled with fear and rejection. But it all begins and ends with faith in Jesus Christ.

In Don’t Chase Me Out of the Church, you’ll learn how to stop limiting God and how to achieve your goals. You’ll find yourself exchanging fear for faith. Best of all, you’ll grow confident that through faith in Jesus your life is shaping up just the way God intends it to. 


Friends in Him (Our Walk of Faith)

Available as: Hardcover,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621366997
Released: 03/04/14
List Price: $11.99
Page Count: 96

Author E. Brooke Mitchell encourages you to step back and evaluate your life so you may step forward with new purpose into a renewed faith-walk with the Lord. By engaging the strategic “Steps” she includes throughout the book, you will move ahead in discovering God’s plan.
Friends in Him: Our Walk of Faith is a practical, action-oriented book written in a unique format: as a parable about a busy, modern woman and her relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Presented with power, purpose and prophetic insight, it will inspire you to pursue—and discover—the special plan God has just for you.


Demons Among Us

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621366942
Released: 03/04/14
List Price: $10.99
Page Count: 144

The supernatural world is real!
Be sober, be vigilant: because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8
Many believe demons only exist in Hollywood horror films, but there is real demonic activity at work in the world. It is strategic, dangerous, and it seductively entraps unsuspecting people, leading them into the ambush of veiled occult activity.

Demons Among Us is a true account of author Michele Erdmann’s victory over the demonic influences in her life, how she found the truth about fortune tellers and new age teachings, and a vivid warning to those who unknowingly entertain demonic activity in their homes, schools, and churches.

This bold testament of warning and instruction will help you to:
Wake up and be alert to evil forces
Be vigilant against the subtle infiltration of the enemy
Prepare for battle to protect your home and family

In a time when the subtle infiltration of the enemy is destroying families, taking lives, and blinding people from the truth, Demons Among Us encourages believers to live in victory. Now is the time to be spiritually empowered to see the enemy’s strategy and evade his deadly traps!


So Much More

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621367147
Released: 03/04/14
List Price: $14.99
Page Count: 224

The normal Christian life should be anything but “normal”--it should be supernatural, one in which the living God expresses His very life in us and through us. With So Much More! Pastor Todd Hudson challenges all believers to embrace the supernatural power of God as a lifestyle.
Todd is no stranger to his message. His own life has been supernaturally “wrecked,” he says, by the Holy Spirit. When God called him to resign from the 4,000-member evangelical megachurch he led for nine years and plant a Spirit-filled church, he began a new ministry of calling believers to live in resurrection power today, not someday in the future.
If you know deep inside that there must be so much more to the Christian life, then Todd will help you discover how to experience and release the kingdom in your life today and tomorrow!


Waters of Creativity

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621363842
Released: 03/04/14
List Price: $17.99
Page Count: 432

When the polar opposite advocates of science and theology are forced to confront each other, sparks fly--but each has to face its critics. In Waters of Creativity, this journey to search for the source of life is chronicled in twelve face-to-face debates.

Will the true source of life be found as described in the ancient Scriptures or as described in scientific journals--or both? Has ancient wisdom and knowledge been painfully slow to catch up with modern science, or vice versa? Is the world we live in the result of random chance, or divine creativity?

If you have ever wondered about your beliefs and made a determination to seek truth for yourself, follow along on this journey as the pillars of science and theology provide insightful windows into the age-old question, “Who am I and where did I come from?”


Fifty Days of Glory

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621367109
Released: 03/04/14
List Price: $16.99
Page Count: 288

Many books have been published about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, but little has been written about the crucial days following His Resurrection and leading to the eve of Pentecost.
Now, in Fifty Days of Glory, Mark Pearson explores with scholarly precision and masterful narrative--yet in an easy-to-read style--this important seven-week period between Jesus’ Resurrection and the descent of the Holy Spirit.
You will be amazed and inspired as this oft-ignored period of Jesus’ life and ministry is brought to light and carefully examined. And you will discover new relevance to the risen Lord’s ongoing mission and the Holy Spirit’s power at work in the world, in the church, and in your life.

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