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Tessie DeVore Named Publisher of Charism…

Christian retailing industry veteran Tessie DeVore has been named Publisher of Charisma Media’s Book...

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Charisma House to Offer Ebook Bundling w…

BitLit announces the addition of leading Christian publisher Charisma House to its ebook bundling...

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Free Smartphone App Silences Satan

The Shut Up, Devil! app is an innovative resource that puts the power of...

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Duck Dynasty Endorses God Less America

Lake Mary, FL— Phil Roberston, the outspoken, God-fearing, patriarch in the groundbreaking A&E reality...

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Todd Starnes: American Christians are un…

See the book promo video here.Lake Mary, FL— If you have a television, radio,...

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Can you be gay and Christian?

Dr. Michael Brown addresses the defining question of modern day: Can you be gay and...

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Harbinger Reaches NYT Milestone 100 Week…

Lake Mary, FL— Charisma House is proud to be the first to make the...

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Excel Publishers launches new imprint in…

Lake Mary, FL— Excel Publishers announces a trail-blazing initiative with My Healthy Church, a...

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Rod Parsley releases new teaching on the…

Lake Mary, FL— The cross of Jesus Christ is offensive. Its implications, an outrage....

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Charisma House announces new Bible trans…

Charisma House, the book group of Charisma Media, announces an updated translation of the...

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SpiritLed Promise Books


Overcoming Anxiety

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629980287
Released: 10/06/15
List Price: $14.99
Page Count: 240

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting over forty million adults. Representing almost one-third of the country’s total mental health bill, anxiety disorders cost the United States more than forty-two billion dollars a year.

You may be one of the many individuals who struggles with anxiety, believing that you must be medicated or be under the care of a physician to find the peace you so desperately desire. The truth is that the peace you pursue is freely given to you in God’s Word. Overcoming Anxiety will show you how to discover this peace for yourself and end anxiety and fear for good.

You will be motivated to break the bondage of anxiety through interactive materials such as:
  • Questions for personal reflection
  • Scriptures for reference and memorization
  • Positive confessions
  • Journal writing prompts



Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629985961
Released: 10/06/15
List Price: $16.99
Page Count: 256

THE CLOCK STOPS FOR NO ONE. Every day you look in the mirror, every birthday you celebrate, every milestone in life is a reminder that you are aging. It’s just a fact. But growing older should not herald the end of joy, peace, strength, and beauty. It should be a time of honor, not shame. As you progress through stages of life, you can optimize your total health and improve your physical, spiritual, and mental well-being.
As a board-certified physician Dr. Kara Davis has gathered decades of experience for this cumulative guide to help you age confidently. You will learn the spiritual and biblical connection to common aging concerns such as:
Welcome each day of aging with grace.
Your best years are ahead.


Natural Health Remedies

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629986043
Released: 08/04/15
List Price: $17.99
Page Count: 272

Finding a natural health reference book written from a Christian perspective can be a challenge—until now. Dr. Janet Maccaro presents a “self-care manual” of remedies for conditions from acne to zoonosis, and she shows you the healthiest foods, herbs, vitamins, and minerals for good health.
In this UPDATED AND EXPANDED EDITION Dr. Janet equips you with the most current, vital knowledge for good health with tips on:
If you are seeking to take more responsibility for your state of health and well-being, this book is written just for you.


The Juice Lady's Remedies for Thyroid Disorders

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629982045
Released: 06/02/15
List Price: $12.99
Page Count: 128

The third book in The Juice Lady’s Remedies series, The Juice Lady’s Remedies for Thyroid Disorders will focus on the thyroid gland, which is tied to metabolism and appetite; mood swings; the appearance of hair, skin, and nails; muscles, joint issues, and more. This book will include:
  • Healing teas, juices, and smoothies
  • Green smoothies that pack a powerful punch of phytonutrients and antioxidants
  • Raw food recommendations
  • A section that gives you tips on choosing the best juicer and the best produce, as well as tips for prepping, cleaning, and storing your juices and smoothies, and more!


21 Secrets for A Healthy Gut

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629982106
Released: 06/02/15
List Price: $8.99
Page Count: 128

Like many other diseases in our culture, gastrointestinal disorders are on the rise. From ailments as common as heartburn to more serious problems, such as ulcers, acid reflux disease, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), your digestive system is under attack.
The digestive system is your first line of defense against harmful agents in the world around you. All nutrients in your body pass through the digestive system. It is therefore crucial to maintain gastrointestinal health and protect your body from attack.
With expert contributions from Don Colbert, Janet Maccaro, Cherie Calbom, Reginald Cherry, and others, 21 Secrets for a Healthy Gut explores the many causes and cures for:
  • Inflammation
  • Constipation
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Wheat belly and IBS
  • GERD, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, and much more!


The Big Book of Hormones

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629982076
Released: 05/05/15
List Price: $17.99
Page Count: 256

End the hormone roller coaster ride for good.

Behind the scenes your hormones have played a huge role where your health and well-being
are concerned.  So much depends on them, just as their functioning depends on many other
aspects of your life.  Despite a woman’s tendency to ruefully bemoan her hormones, God invented
hormones and He knew what He was doing.  He designed their intricate dances within your body.
He also designed your mind to be able to understand how to live in and maintain a healthy body.

Using the wealth of resources from Siloam’s most popular health writers, including Janet Maccaro,
Don Colbert, Reginald Cherry, Cherie Calbom, and Scott Farhart, The Big Book of Hormones
is a comprehensive book on women’s hormone health that covers topics such as antiaging,
weight loss, natural health (supplements, vitamins, superfoods, smoothies, and juices), stress
management, and more.

  • HOW TO PREVENT OTHER DISEASES RELATED TO HORMONE DEPLETION SUCH AS HEART DISEASE, OSTEOPOROSIS,                                                                                                                                                                   CERTAIN CANCERS, AND MORE!


The Ultimate Sleep Guide

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629981888
Released: 05/05/15
List Price: $16.99
Page Count: 256


We live in a fast-paced society in which nobody seems to have enough time. More than half of all American 
adults suffer from insomnia.  And an estimated fifty million to seventy million Americans live on the brink of 
mental and physical collapse due to a lack of sleep.  In one year alone about forty-two million sleeping pill 
prescriptions were filled for American adults and children. Ultimately, this lack of sleep is taking a toll on our
health and happiness.  

If your current pace of life has left you feeling exhausted, depleted, and defeated,  rest assured that there
is more for you.  If you are struggling to find balance and rest, THERE’S HOPE!
In The Ultimate Sleep Guide best-selling author Dr. Colbert shows you:
  • The risks and dangers of sleep deprivation
  • The health benefits to getting a good night’s sleep
  • The link between poor diet and insomnia
  • Causes, symptoms, characteristics, and cures for common sleep disorders


Reversing Inflammation

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629980355
Released: 03/03/15
List Price: $16.99
Page Count: 256


It is essential for the healing process since it is a programmed response necessary
for fighting infections and repairing damaged tissues. However, problems arise
when this inflammatory reaction becomes systemic and goes unchecked for
months or years. When this happens, the same chemicals used for healing can
cause weight gain and eventually trigger a host of deadly diseases.
Based on the life-changing principles shared in Dr. Colbert’s New York Times
best-selling books—tailored to specifically address inflammation—Reversing
Inflammation walks you through the process of building a healthy lifestyle.
With nutritional and alternative health tips, it reveals:
  • What foods contribute to inflammation
  • What foods control inflammation
  • Groundbreaking research on how fat contributes to inflammation
  • How to shop and eat out while on the anti-inflammatory diet
  • Supplements that support weight loss and overall health
  • And so much more!


The Juice Lady's Anti-Inflammation Diet

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629980027
Released: 01/06/15
List Price: $17.99
Page Count: 256

Lose weight, increase your energy,
and look and feel younger in just

If you are experiencing joint pain, fatigue, or difficulty losing weight,
you might have chronic inflammation that comes from a poor diet.
Research shows that inflammation is at the root of nearly every disease
and ailment.  The good news is that just changing the type of foods you
eat can bring instant relief.
The anti-inflammatory diet is the answer. It’s the diet that remedies
conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.  It’s the path to recover
from just about every ailment—and it works.
The Juice Lady Cherie Calbom has teamed up with Chef Abby Fammartino,
of Abby’s Kitchen, for a four-week menu plan with easy, delicious recipes
in a new twenty-eight day program to mend and restore your body.
You will discover which foods to eat, which to avoid, and learn how to
prepare them into tasty meals that you and your family will love as you
heal your body and rejuvenate your life.


21 Secret Remedies for Colds and Flu

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629980102
Released: 01/06/15
List Price: $8.99
Page Count: 128

You can’t afford to be sick!
Stop the flu in its tracks this year and beyond.

A healthy immune system is the key to winning the battle over the flu and
other illnesses we are faced with on a daily basis. With contributions from
Siloam’s most popular health authors, including Dr. Leslie Ann Dauphin of
the CDC, Dr. Don Colbert, Janet Maccaro, Cherie Calbom, and others, 21
Secret Remedies for Colds and Flu gives you natural, practical ways to build
your immune system and stay healthy during the cold and flu season.
With biblical perspectives, the latest scientific research on alternative
health practices, and expert advice from doctors, nutritionists, naturopathic
practitioners, and researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention, this book includes valuable insight on:
  • Sleep and rest
  • Limiting sugar intake
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Home remedies for colds, coughs, congestion, sore throats, and fever
  • Superfoods that build immunity
  • The power of prayer and so much more!



Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621369691
Released: 09/02/14
List Price: $14.99
Page Count: 240

The courage to be yourself
Are you tired of pretending? Of spending so much time and energy trying to live up to the expectations of others? Of being afraid to show people the real you?
Do you sometimes feel like an impostor in your own life?
So many women today are living the “try hard” life. Trying to be perfect. Trying to maintain control. Trying to be what others want them to be. In her counseling practice Rita Schulte meets women in this place almost daily. In Impostor she combines medical research with moving stories from her own life and practice to help you uncover the lies, distortions, and other contributing factors that set up the imposter self. You will learn:
·          How five core needs drive our behavior
·          Why we pretend
·          Why we fear being known
·          How to give up the “try hard” life once and for all
Most importantly you’ll discover what it takes to distinguish the impostor’s identity from the one that is intrinsically yours in Christ. Healing will come as you remove the mask and begin the journey of self-discovery.


21 Super Foods

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621366157
Released: 06/03/14
List Price: $8.99
Page Count: 128

Powerful, nutrient-rich super-foods that will help you lose weight, manage stress and anxiety, build your immune system, look younger, lower blood pressure, fight cancer, and so much more--without side effects! 

In this first book in the series, readers will discover simple, power-packed, one-ingredient, stand-alone foods that will revolutionize their health. These 21 simple foods are nature’s side-effect-free agents that have been proven by science to be:
  • Cancer cures
  • Blood pressure reducers
  • Mood enhancers
  • Brain boosters
  • Age inhibitors
  • Pain relievers
  • Weight loss accelerators, and more

This book will also provide preparation and storage tips, healthy and delicious recipes, and little known health-tips and facts for each of these 21 super foods.


Fit for Your Assignment

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621366126
Released: 05/06/14
List Price: $14.99
Page Count: 240

It is possible to reach your full potential in Christ, but only when you eliminate the toxic habits and patterns (physical, mental, and spiritual) that hold you back.
Today, many people are trying to discover and fulfill God’s purpose and plan for their lives. Do you know what His assignment is for you? Maybe you’ve felt God direct you or call you to a certain type of ministry, but struggle to embrace your God-given design. Or perhaps you’re already involved in service to God, but beneath your proper attire and eloquent words you’re just plain tired.

Fit for Your Assignment will awaken a new desire and passion to rise up and change patterns and behaviors (spiritual and physical) for the fulfillment of your God-given purpose. You will be inspired to examine key areas of your life that are critical to the fulfillment of your assignment, including:

·           Spiritual health
·           Eating well and weight loss
·           Overcoming habits and addictions
·           Proper rest and stress reduction, and more

Through the lens of scripture and inspiring stories of others who have been transformed by these principles, you will walk through four steps for true transformation as you learn the importance of caring and ministering to your whole self, body--mind, and spirit.


The Juice Lady's Remedies for Asthma and Allergies

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621366010
Released: 05/06/14
List Price: $12.99
Page Count: 144

Are you one of the fifty million Americans who suffer from allergies?
Fight back with these delicious living foods remedies!
You don’t have to put up with the effects of allergies. By simply adding more living foods to your diet and eliminating the foods that can cause allergic reactions such as milk and wheat, you can bring your allergies under control naturally. Additionally, living foods have significant anti-inflammatory effects that help mitigate the damage even minor reactions can cause.
With recipes and recommendations for healing teas, juices, smoothies, and meals this quick guide helps you…
·          Eat natural, healthy foods every day and watch your allergies and asthma symptoms subside
·          Safely eliminate toxins from your body to help your organs function more efficiently
·          Experience more energy and a higher level of wellness
Discover a way of eating that will help you feel and look alive and vibrant each and every day of your life. A healthier life truly does await you!


The Juice Lady's Remedies for Stress and Adrenal Fatigue

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621365679
Released: 01/07/14
List Price: $12.99
Page Count: 144

Don’t let stress ruin your health.
Fight back with these all-natural juice remedies.

You don’t have to suffer with the effects of stress and exhaustion. By simply adding more raw food to your diet, you increase your intake of essential nutrients and decrease the harmful effects of stress and adrenal fatigue on your body.
With recipes and recommendations for healing teas, juices, and smoothies, this quick-reference guide helps you naturally repair, rejuvenate, and reclaim your health. You also get valuable tips on stopping stress and adrenal fatigue at the source, including:
·          The connection between chronic stress and adrenal fatigue
·          Practical ways to lower your stress levels
·          Nine common symptoms of adrenal fatigue
·          Seven steps you can take to combat stress eating, and more!


The Daniel Fast Made Delicious

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621365716
Released: 01/07/14
List Price: $17.99
Page Count: 256

The simple fruit and vegetable fast that will nourish you body and soul
Join the millions of people who are fasting the way Daniel fasted and prepare tasty meals that will satisfy your physical hunger as you draw closer to God.
Filled with easy instructions, simple steps, and more than 175 delicious recipes, this revised and updated edition of The Daniel Fast Made Delicious contains added spiritual inspiration for greater power and revelation to accompany you through this 21-day fast. You are more likely to stick to your fast when you can prepare delicious recipes—many of which are 100 percent gluten and dairy free—such as…
  • Stuffed Eggplant Parmesan
  • Broiled Stuffed Tomatoes With Basil and Pesto Sauce
  • Stuffed Zucchini With Sautéed Baby Bella Mushrooms
  • Daniel’s Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie
  • Cannellini Bean Soup With Kale
  • Stuffed Sweet Potato Fritters
Change the way you look at food and fasting forever with these dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan recipes that are healthy and taste great!



Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621365952
Released: 01/07/14
List Price: $15.99
Page Count: 240

A step-by-step plan to supercharge every area of your health Everybody wants to look and feel their best. Jumpstart! takes a multipronged approach to heath and wellness that provides impressive results quickly. Emphasizing the connection between mind, body and spirit, the author shows you how to:
·          Reset your weight to its optimal level
·          Reprogram your mind for success
·          Tap into the most powerful power source
When you start to drop the excess pounds and cleanse your body of stress and toxins, your body will begin to function at its optimal level, revving up your metabolism and immune system. Jumpstart! your health and get excited about the new life that is just around the corner!


The New Bible Cure for Weight Loss

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781616386160
Released: 07/09/13
List Price: $8.99
Page Count: 128

The Natural Way to Lasting Weight Loss
Reclaim control over your spiritual, emotional, and physical health, and lose weight today. Incorporating the latest medical findings with the timeless wisdom of the Bible, The New Bible Cure for Weight Loss provides powerful tools and findings that your own doctor never may have told you, including...
  • The causes of obesity
  • How to reach and maintain a healthy weight
  • Exercises that can add years to life
  • The right vitamins and supplements for weight loss


The New Bible Cure for High Blood Pressure

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781616386153
Released: 07/09/13
List Price: $8.99
Page Count: 128

You can lower your blood pressure and feel better-naturally! How hard is your heart working? In this concise, easy-to-read booklet you'll discover a wealth of information to help you reduce and prevent high blood pressure. Learn biblical secrets on health and the latest medical research on how to bring your blood pressure under control and maintain it within healthy guidelines. Discover breakthroughs that your doctor may never have shared with you!
  • The difference between good and bad stress
  • Important foods that naturally lower your high blood pressure
  • Essential vitamins and minerals needed to keep your blood pressure within healthy limits
  • Steps that may save your life and prevent strokes, heart attacks and even cancer

You want to be healthy. God wants you to be healthy. Now at last, here's a source of information that will help you become healthier body, mind and spirit.


The Rapid Waist Reduction Diet

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621360445
Released: 04/02/13
List Price: $12.99
Page Count: 224

Your Waistline Is Your Lifeline
Losing weight is at the core of the majority of successful plans to manage and reverse many health conditions. But did you know that your waist size is actually even more important than your weight?
Research shows that your waist measurement is a key indicator of your risk for developing type 2 diabetes and many other health issues. In The Rapid Waist Reduction Diet you will learn about natural ways to shrink your waist and lose belly fat through diet, supplements, and exercise.
Drawing from decades of experience helping his patients lose weight and get healthy, New York Times best-selling author Dr. Don Colbert gives you medical information and practical insights on ways to:
·        Stay motivated
·        Reduce your waistline
·        Control your weight
·        Rid yourself of toxic belly fat
Dr. Colbert’s Rapid Waist Reduction Diet is the last diet you will ever need. It is time to lose that stubborn belly fat and keep it off for life!


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