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A Child is Born Without Eyes, and Parent…

Lacey Buchanan's 'Through the Eyes of Hope' Debuts January 10, Michael Conrad, 214-616-0320,...

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Jonathan Cahn's Explosive New Book Lays …

LAKE MARY, Fla. Jonathan Cahn, New York Times best-selling author of the international sensation...

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Viral Spoken-Word Poet Known Worldwide P…

Lake Mary, FL — As a viral poet known worldwide for several videos totaling...

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International House of Prayer, Kansas Ci…

Kansas City, MO — Thousands have already joined the fast-growing prayer movement with IHOPKC...

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Founder of Charisma Media Presents Moder…

Lake Mary, FL— In a groundbreaking, historic endeavor founder and CEO of Charisma Media,...

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ECPA Adds Passio Coloring Book to Bestse…

Lake Mary, FL— ECPA, the association of Christian publishers, has announced the inclusion of...

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Jonathan Cahn Achieves ECPA Publishing M…

Lake Mary, FL— Charisma House recently announced that two books written by New York...

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Jonathan Cahn Signs Highly Anticipated B…

Jonathan Cahn Signs Highly Anticipated Book Contract With Charisma House/FrontLineLake Mary, FL— New...

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Tessie DeVore Named Publisher of Charism…

Christian retailing industry veteran Tessie DeVore has been named Publisher of Charisma Media’s Book...

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Charisma House to Offer Ebook Bundling w…

BitLit announces the addition of leading Christian publisher Charisma House to its ebook bundling...

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SpiritLed Promise Books

Top Sellers

1 The Book of Mysteries
– Jonathan Cahn
2 The Mystery of the Shemitah
– Jonathan Cahn
3 The Harbinger
– Jonathan Cahn
4 23 Minutes in Hell
– Bill Wiese
5 Prayers that Rout Demons and Break Curses
– Apostle John Eckhardt

New Releases

09/06/2016 The Book of Mysteries
– Jonathan Cahn
11/15/2016 The Book of Mysteries Audiobook
– Jonathan Cahn
11/01/2016 Prepare Your Heart for the Midnight Cry
– RT Kendall
11/01/2016 Daily Insights to Birthing the Miraculous
– Heidi Baker
11/01/2016 65 Promises from God for Your Children - Gift Edition
– Mike Shreve
11/01/2016 How Great Thou Art Adult Coloring Book
– Passio
10/18/2016 MEV Promises of God Bible for Creative Journaling
– Passio
10/11/2016 Fierce Hope
– Savanna Hartman
10/04/2016 Set My Heart
– J. Lee Grady
10/04/2016 The Tallit
– Charles Kluge

Modern English Version

Verse of the Day

Healing Words

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629987309
Released: 08/02/16
List Price: $15.99
Page Count: 272

The world is plagued with sick believers who are ignorant of how the body functions, how emotions specifically impact health, how thinking patterns affect health, and how to receive healing from the atonement of Christ.
They spend thousands of dollars on health care and are often not truly healed or healthy. Many are looking for answers and are hungry for this information. Illness is not the will of God.
Healing Words makes it clear that it is God’s will to see His people living an abundant life, and it provides practical, specific steps to move in this direction. This book will teach people how to put the principles of healing to use.
Each chapter on body systems will include:
  • A description of the body system components and common challenges
  • Chinese medicine insights and observations
  • Proven and effective healing scriptures specific to various body systems
  • Healing declarations and a sample prayer
A foundation for learning about God’s will to heal is included in the beginning so the reader can grow in knowledge and boldness in receiving what God has already provided.


Look Younger, Live Longer

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629987026
Released: 06/07/16
List Price: $16.99
Page Count: 288

Are you a baby boomer facing the hard facts of aging in your own life? Or are you young and determined to stay that way for as long as possible? Genesis 6:3 suggests that God set the human life span at one hundred twenty years. Breakthrough scientific research has unlocked many of the secrets of aging, proving the biblical age limitation to be correct.
Dr. Francisco Contreras offers proven research that will improve your health—and perhaps reverse any illness or disease once and for all. According to Dr. Contreras, you have the power right now to greatly increase your life span and to feel better and look younger. 


The Juice Lady's Remedies for Diabetes

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629986487
Released: 06/07/16
List Price: $12.99
Page Count: 160

Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in America.
It affects twenty-nine million people and the potential to affect eighty-six million more who currently have prediabetes. Juicing, green smoothies, and living foods are proven antidotes against this devastating disease and even more, they are preventative devices.
In The Juice Lady’s Remedies for Diabetes Cherie Calbom presents a way to help heal those who suffer from diabetes and lower the risk of diagnosis for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.
This book includes:
  • Recipes for healing teas and juices
  • Green smoothies that pack a powerful punch of phytonutrients and antioxidants
  • Raw food recommendations
Exclusive feature:
Tips on choosing the best juicer and the best produce, as well as tips for prepping, cleaning, and storing your juices and smoothies, and more!


A Parent's Guide to Autism

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629986715
Released: 04/05/16
List Price: $15.99
Page Count: 240

This guide will help readers have an in-depth understanding of autism, and provide a plan for parents to raise happy, healthy children.
One in every sixty-eight children will be diagnosed with autism. More children will be diagnosed with autism than with AIDS, diabetes, and cancer combined. This means every year in America sixty thousand families will receive the diagnosis that their precious son or daughter has an autism spectrum disorder. With diagnosis at such an alarming rate, how can parents be equipped to confidently raise children with autism?
All children can flourish and mature through love.
A Parent’s Guide to Autism offers interviews from forty experts, exclusive teaching on bully-proofing children, as well as practical wisdom, biblical knowledge, and life experiences from Ron Sandison. He compassionately shares his own personal struggles with overcoming autism as a minister and professional in the medical field to help parents raise outstanding children.


Dr. Carol's Guide to Women's Health

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629986807
Released: 02/02/16
List Price: $17.99
Page Count: 304

Make lifestyle changes that will impact your health and well-being for life!
Dr. Carol's Guide to Women's Health will help women feel like they are talking to a trusted friend, who is also an ob-gyn physician. This guide offers medical science, the author’s practical experience, and a faith perspective to the spectrum of both physical and mental/emotional health issues women face throughout the various stages of their lives.
Topic areas include hormones, infertility, and pregnancy; diseases that especially affect women; women’s mental health (stress, anxiety, depression, etc.); lifestyle and disease prevention; interacting with her doctor and today’s healthcare system; and slowing down/aging. With important information that moms can also teach their adolescent girls, this book will be a frequent go-to for female health questions.


What Happened To Happily Ever After?

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629986937
Released: 02/02/16
List Price: $14.99
Page Count: 256

Current estimates suggest that forty to fifty percent of marriages will end in separation. Couples are struggling to maintain intimacy amidst hectic careers, raising children, and lack of knowledge on how to improve their marriage. Every couple wants to live happily ever after, but wives and husbands often repeat common mistakes and end up with intimacy-challenged marriages. It won’t be too long before their “okay” marriage is a “bad” marriage, and divorce is a serious option.
Happily ever after is not a fairy tale.
But there is hope! Dr. David E. Clarke, says couples can rejuvenate their marriages and discover the deep bond God wants them to enjoy. He shows them how they created an okay but boring marriage, and how they can fix intimacy-killing mistakes. As couples read this book and improve their marriage, they will begin to enjoy the journey to happily ever after.


Dr. Janet's Guide to Thyroid Health

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629986364
Released: 02/02/16
List Price: $16.99
Page Count: 256

Do you have increased susceptibility to colds and other viral infections?
Does your hair fall out easily?
Do you have dry, brittle skin or dry hair?
Do you have low body temperature?
Are you gaining weight no matter what you do to lose it?
With over two hundred varying symptoms, thyroid disease is often an undetected, underdiagnosed, and undertreated disease leaving countless sufferers unhappy and unhealthy. Thyroid disease is linked to heart disease, dementia, diabetes, obesity, brain fog, cancer, joint pain, fibromyalgia and other health concerns. Some people may live for decades without being diagnosed or optimally treated, and unfortunately 80 percent of those are women.
Get to diagnosis in days instead of decades.
The demand for answers is urgent as thyroid disease has reached epidemic proportions. Dr. Janet is a survivor of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and thyroid cancer. In this book she passionately shares her experience and vast knowledge to help the millions of people who are suffering with undiagnosed ailments. This honest and engaging book will help the frustrated reader finally get to the root of their mysterious suffering to enjoy a healthy life again.


The Juice Lady's Sugar Knockout

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629987224
Released: 02/02/16
List Price: $17.99
Page Count: 256

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), if current trends continue, one in three U.S. adults will have diabetes by 2050 (currently it is one in 10). Yet there is massive confusion on the subject of sugar sweeteners:
“Is honey healthy, since it’s natural? What about sucralose? After all, it is calorie free. Is agave a healthy sweetener? Fruit juice is good for me, isn’t it? Is orange juice one of the best things to drink when I’m sick?”  
Life is too sweet to live unhealthy.
As a best-selling author, and global health expert, Cherie Calbom shares her unique expertise and knowledge in this thirty-day guided transition into a low sugar impact diet. You will lose excess weight, feel energized, and improve your overall health by learning about:
  • The problems with artificial sweeteners and why they are not the optimal choice for you and your family
  • The effects of fructose on the liver
  • How to substitute healthy sweeteners in delicious juices smoothies, and living food recipes


The Daniel Detox

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629986470
Released: 01/05/16
List Price: $15.99
Page Count: 192

The Daniel Detox is a timeless resource for use every season.  It provides a twenty-one-day complete meal plan for cleansing the body of harmful toxins that is designed to restore you to health—mind, body, and spirit. This book’s versatility includes a partial cleanse over a three-week period to provide liver support against the effects of toxins, a one-week juice fast, or the total twenty-one-day protocol to both support the liver and detoxify the body.
Colbert’s cutting-edge exposition on the spiritual and physical benefits of biblical fasting make this book unique. There are specific recommendations for how to heal some of the plaguing illnesses many of us suffer from such as:
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Coronary disease
  • Benign tumors
  • Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Allergies and asthma
  • Psoriasis and eczema
  • Hypertension


Fat Free For Life

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781621369929
Released: 01/05/16
List Price: $14.99
Page Count: 256

Break the cycles of defeat keeping you from achieving all that God has for you—body, mind, and spirit.
Many of us are losing this battle because we fail to address our whole lives in our plans. We work out like crazy but neglect the mental and spiritual, which inevitably leads us to burnout and back to familiar, destructive habits. Fat Free for Life gives you the tools you need to address all three aspects of your life to get—and stay—healthy, providing insight and inspiration to educate, encourage, and inspire you to understand God’s will for your health and wellness, sharing:
  • Seven foods that boost metabolism
  • Common metabolism myths
  • The keys to self-empowerment
  • Three effective ways to train


Fasting for Life

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629986265
Released: 01/05/16
List Price: $16.99
Page Count: 256

For a nation that is on the verge of eating itself into epidemic proportions of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and associated health complications such as cancer and heart disease, this message on fasting is timely and urgent. For readers who believe in the spiritual benefits of fasting, this book provides additional health motivation to keep seeking God in fasting and prayer.
Increase fasting for health and wholeness.
Dr. Umesiri’s teaching is based on a thorough review of over seventy years of peer-vetted and peer-reviewed studies published in reputable biomedical journals. He presents readers with clinical evidence in a fun, easy-to-read manner, devoid of intense scientific jargon; with suggestions on the different ways one can start to fast.
Fasting for Life uses credible research to prove that fasting can reduce the risk of:
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart failure, stroke, etc.)


Overcoming Anxiety

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629980287
Released: 10/06/15
List Price: $14.99
Page Count: 240

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting over forty million adults. Representing almost one-third of the country’s total mental health bill, anxiety disorders cost the United States more than forty-two billion dollars a year.

You may be one of the many individuals who struggles with anxiety, believing that you must be medicated or be under the care of a physician to find the peace you so desperately desire. The truth is that the peace you pursue is freely given to you in God’s Word. Overcoming Anxiety will show you how to discover this peace for yourself and end anxiety and fear for good.

You will be motivated to break the bondage of anxiety through interactive materials such as:
  • Questions for personal reflection
  • Scriptures for reference and memorization
  • Positive confessions
  • Journal writing prompts



Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629985961
Released: 10/06/15
List Price: $16.99
Page Count: 256

THE CLOCK STOPS FOR NO ONE. Every day you look in the mirror, every birthday you celebrate, every milestone in life is a reminder that you are aging. It’s just a fact. But growing older should not herald the end of joy, peace, strength, and beauty. It should be a time of honor, not shame. As you progress through stages of life, you can optimize your total health and improve your physical, spiritual, and mental well-being.
As a board-certified physician Dr. Kara Davis has gathered decades of experience for this cumulative guide to help you age confidently. You will learn the spiritual and biblical connection to common aging concerns such as:
Welcome each day of aging with grace.
Your best years are ahead.


Natural Health Remedies

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629986043
Released: 08/04/15
List Price: $17.99
Page Count: 272

Finding a natural health reference book written from a Christian perspective can be a challenge—until now. Dr. Janet Maccaro presents a “self-care manual” of remedies for conditions from acne to zoonosis, and she shows you the healthiest foods, herbs, vitamins, and minerals for good health.
In this UPDATED AND EXPANDED EDITION Dr. Janet equips you with the most current, vital knowledge for good health with tips on:
If you are seeking to take more responsibility for your state of health and well-being, this book is written just for you.


21 Secrets for A Healthy Gut

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629982106
Released: 06/02/15
List Price: $8.99
Page Count: 128

Like many other diseases in our culture, gastrointestinal disorders are on the rise. From ailments as common as heartburn to more serious problems, such as ulcers, acid reflux disease, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), your digestive system is under attack.
The digestive system is your first line of defense against harmful agents in the world around you. All nutrients in your body pass through the digestive system. It is therefore crucial to maintain gastrointestinal health and protect your body from attack.
With expert contributions from Don Colbert, Janet Maccaro, Cherie Calbom, Reginald Cherry, and others, 21 Secrets for a Healthy Gut explores the many causes and cures for:
  • Inflammation
  • Constipation
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Wheat belly and IBS
  • GERD, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, and much more!


The Juice Lady's Remedies for Thyroid Disorders

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629982045
Released: 06/02/15
List Price: $12.99
Page Count: 128

The third book in The Juice Lady’s Remedies series, The Juice Lady’s Remedies for Thyroid Disorders will focus on the thyroid gland, which is tied to metabolism and appetite; mood swings; the appearance of hair, skin, and nails; muscles, joint issues, and more. This book will include:
  • Healing teas, juices, and smoothies
  • Green smoothies that pack a powerful punch of phytonutrients and antioxidants
  • Raw food recommendations
  • A section that gives you tips on choosing the best juicer and the best produce, as well as tips for prepping, cleaning, and storing your juices and smoothies, and more!


The Ultimate Sleep Guide

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629981888
Released: 05/05/15
List Price: $16.99
Page Count: 256


We live in a fast-paced society in which nobody seems to have enough time. More than half of all American 
adults suffer from insomnia.  And an estimated fifty million to seventy million Americans live on the brink of 
mental and physical collapse due to a lack of sleep.  In one year alone about forty-two million sleeping pill 
prescriptions were filled for American adults and children. Ultimately, this lack of sleep is taking a toll on our
health and happiness.  

If your current pace of life has left you feeling exhausted, depleted, and defeated,  rest assured that there
is more for you.  If you are struggling to find balance and rest, THERE’S HOPE!
In The Ultimate Sleep Guide best-selling author Dr. Colbert shows you:
  • The risks and dangers of sleep deprivation
  • The health benefits to getting a good night’s sleep
  • The link between poor diet and insomnia
  • Causes, symptoms, characteristics, and cures for common sleep disorders


The Big Book of Hormones

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629982076
Released: 05/05/15
List Price: $17.99
Page Count: 256

End the hormone roller coaster ride for good.

Behind the scenes your hormones have played a huge role where your health and well-being
are concerned.  So much depends on them, just as their functioning depends on many other
aspects of your life.  Despite a woman’s tendency to ruefully bemoan her hormones, God invented
hormones and He knew what He was doing.  He designed their intricate dances within your body.
He also designed your mind to be able to understand how to live in and maintain a healthy body.

Using the wealth of resources from Siloam’s most popular health writers, including Janet Maccaro,
Don Colbert, Reginald Cherry, Cherie Calbom, and Scott Farhart, The Big Book of Hormones
is a comprehensive book on women’s hormone health that covers topics such as antiaging,
weight loss, natural health (supplements, vitamins, superfoods, smoothies, and juices), stress
management, and more.

  • HOW TO PREVENT OTHER DISEASES RELATED TO HORMONE DEPLETION SUCH AS HEART DISEASE, OSTEOPOROSIS,                                                                                                                                                                   CERTAIN CANCERS, AND MORE!


Reversing Inflammation

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629980355
Released: 03/03/15
List Price: $16.99
Page Count: 256


It is essential for the healing process since it is a programmed response necessary
for fighting infections and repairing damaged tissues. However, problems arise
when this inflammatory reaction becomes systemic and goes unchecked for
months or years. When this happens, the same chemicals used for healing can
cause weight gain and eventually trigger a host of deadly diseases.
Based on the life-changing principles shared in Dr. Colbert’s New York Times
best-selling books—tailored to specifically address inflammation—Reversing
Inflammation walks you through the process of building a healthy lifestyle.
With nutritional and alternative health tips, it reveals:
  • What foods contribute to inflammation
  • What foods control inflammation
  • Groundbreaking research on how fat contributes to inflammation
  • How to shop and eat out while on the anti-inflammatory diet
  • Supplements that support weight loss and overall health
  • And so much more!


21 Secret Remedies for Colds and Flu

Available as: Trade Paper,Ebook
ISBN: 9781629980102
Released: 01/06/15
List Price: $8.99
Page Count: 128

You can’t afford to be sick!
Stop the flu in its tracks this year and beyond.

A healthy immune system is the key to winning the battle over the flu and
other illnesses we are faced with on a daily basis. With contributions from
Siloam’s most popular health authors, including Dr. Leslie Ann Dauphin of
the CDC, Dr. Don Colbert, Janet Maccaro, Cherie Calbom, and others, 21
Secret Remedies for Colds and Flu gives you natural, practical ways to build
your immune system and stay healthy during the cold and flu season.
With biblical perspectives, the latest scientific research on alternative
health practices, and expert advice from doctors, nutritionists, naturopathic
practitioners, and researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention, this book includes valuable insight on:
  • Sleep and rest
  • Limiting sugar intake
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Home remedies for colds, coughs, congestion, sore throats, and fever
  • Superfoods that build immunity
  • The power of prayer and so much more!

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