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Dr. Michael Brown Shares Keys to Radical…

Lake Mary, FL – In their first-ever, jointly authored book, Breaking the Stronghold of Food,...

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A Child is Born Without Eyes, and Parent…

Lacey Buchanan's 'Through the Eyes of Hope' Debuts January 10, Michael Conrad, 214-616-0320, Michael@Lovell-Fairchild.comLAKE...

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Jonathan Cahn's Explosive New Book Lays …

LAKE MARY, Fla. Jonathan Cahn, New York Times best-selling author of the international sensation The...

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Viral Spoken-Word Poet Known Worldwide P…

Lake Mary, FL — As a viral poet known worldwide for several videos totaling over...

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International House of Prayer, Kansas Ci…

Kansas City, MO — Thousands have already joined the fast-growing prayer movement with IHOPKC founder...

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SpiritLed Promise Books

Top Sellers

1 The Book of Mysteries
– Jonathan Cahn
2 The Mystery of the Shemitah
– Jonathan Cahn
3 The Harbinger
– Jonathan Cahn
4 23 Minutes in Hell
– Bill Wiese
5 Prayers that Rout Demons and Break Curses
– Apostle John Eckhardt

New Releases

09/06/2016 The Book of Mysteries
– Jonathan Cahn
01/03/2017 Through the Eyes of Hope
– Lacey Buchanan
01/03/2017 Evenings with the Holy Spirit
– Jennifer LeClaire
01/03/2017 Strength for the Battle
– Francis Frangipane
01/03/2017 Selah: Pause and Think on This
– Kimberly Daniels
01/03/2017 Releasing the Angels of Abundant Harvest
– Jennifer LeClaire
01/03/2017 The Book of Mysteries Prayer Journal
– Jonathan Cahn
01/03/2017 The Big Book of Bible Cures
– Don Colbert
01/03/2017 The Juice Lady’s Guide to Fasting
– Cherie Calbom
01/03/2017 Breaking the Stronghold of Food
– Michael and Nancy Brown

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Spring is in The Air!
There is no better time to refresh your faith with these new releases!

4a epidemic
In the last two decades, the incidence of the 4-A disorders—autism, ADHD, asthma, and allergies—has increased so drastically that many now call these four conditions “the new childhood epidemics.” In this book, integrative pediatrician Joseph Cannizzaro lays a foundation for understanding the cause of all four conditions and then provides a comprehensive treatment program for each of them.

kosher jesus
The Real Kosher Jesus takes you on a journey to uncover the truth. It is a journey filled with amazing discoveries and delightful surprises, a journey that is sometimes painful but that ends with joy, a journey through which you will learn the real story of this man named Yeshua: the most famous Jew of all time, the Jewish nation’s greatest prophet, the most illustrious rabbi ever, the light of the nations—and Israel’s hidden Messiah.

psalm 91 military
This book will give military men and women—and those who love them—refuge and hope in this covenant promise from God. This psalm describes a haven of physical protection, safety, and security that can be found by trusting God’s covenant promises when faced with life-threatening danger and fear, whether during a military mission or from a spiritual attack from Satan and his demons.

take hold of dream
Living your dreams isn’t easy. It takes persistence and tenacity, along with faith in yourself, in God, and in the vision He has given you. In this small book, Jentezen Franklin gives you a powerful message of hope: you can do it!

opening the gates
You do not have to be bound by the frustration of empty prayers, a cold heart, and miracle-less living. In this book you will discover not only how to open the windows of heaven but also now to walk in and under the favor of God. In recognized Perry Stone teaching style, Opening the Gates of Heaven is crammed full of important principles for understanding the importance of accessing heaven through the gates of heaven.

reversing diabetes
Most people view diabetes as a dead-end street—once you receive a diabetes diagnosis, your only option is to manage the symptoms with a restricted diet, close monitoring of blood sugar, and expensive medications. Dr. Colbert shows that diabetes can be treated instead through safe, natural means, like healthy food and vitamins rather than strictly relying on prescription drugs.

riva tims
Everyone encounters major problems in life. Though the difficulties we experience may differ from those confronting the people around us, the challenge we all face is the same: How do we not only survive but also come out victorious on the other side? Whether you are dealing with the unexpected death of a loved one, betrayal by someone close to you, sudden divorce, loss of a home, failure of a business or relationship, or any other serious issue, with God’s help you can turn your trial into triumph.

Having seen millions of people turn their lives over to Jesus Christ, the spiritual principles Reinhard Bonnke teaches will inspire readers to plug into the Holy Spirit for extending God’s love to the world. We need the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives so that we can serve and edify the church, reach out to unbelievers, and build ourselves up in our faith.

It's impossible to live a positive life with a negative mind. You must recognize mind monsters for what they are and learn how to overcome our thoughts are the pathway to our future. 
What we think influences what we say, and what we say ultimately determines the type of world we create for ourselves.

We live in a world of contracting technology. The 52-inch big-screen television has telescoped down to the tiny screen of an iPod. Being accessible takes on new meaning when you’re carrying around your computer. Connection has become compulsory, and expectations have taken a quantum leap toward the tyrannical. All of this technology is exciting and amazing and compelling. It draws you in and alters your world and your expectations; it begins to define who you are. Such powerful things should be approached with caution, but many people throw caution to the wind when it comes to the latest technology.

Christians follow a Man who upends our most basic assumptions and expectations at every turn. Yet for many of us who claim to follow Him, our lives are not peculiar at all. If anything, we are a rather predictable people. We follow an upside-down God yet live right-side-up lives.

Get healthy and stay healthy: Dr. VerHulst combines scientific data with biblical research to provide the ten basics for a happy, healthy life. 
Many health books are so complicated that the average reader can’t get through them. Do This & Live Healthy presents a biblically based message of health and healing in a way that the average person can understand and apply to their lives.

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