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Free Smartphone App Silences Satan

The Shut Up, Devil! app is an innovative resource that puts the power of...

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Duck Dynasty Endorses God Less America

Lake Mary, FL— Phil Roberston, the outspoken, God-fearing, patriarch in the groundbreaking A&E reality...

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Todd Starnes: American Christians are un…

See the book promo video here.Lake Mary, FL— If you have a television, radio,...

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Can you be gay and Christian?

Dr. Michael Brown addresses the defining question of modern day: Can you be gay and...

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Harbinger Reaches NYT Milestone 100 Week…

Lake Mary, FL— Charisma House is proud to be the first to make the...

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Excel Publishers launches new imprint in…

Lake Mary, FL— Excel Publishers announces a trail-blazing initiative with My Healthy Church, a...

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Rod Parsley releases new teaching on the…

Lake Mary, FL— The cross of Jesus Christ is offensive. Its implications, an outrage....

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Charisma House announces new Bible trans…

Charisma House, the book group of Charisma Media, announces an updated translation of the...

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John Eckhardt prayer series sells one mi…

Lake Mary, FL— Charisma House recently announced Best-selling author John Eckhardt’s Prayers for Spiritual Battle...

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Todd Starnes Signs Book Deal With Charis…

Todd Starnes, host of Fox News & Commentary, recently signed a one-book deal with Charisma...

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11/04/2014 Powerful Prayers, Supernatural Results
– Mike Shreve
11/04/2014 Satan, You Can't Have My Day
– Iris Delgado
11/04/2014 A Windswept Promise
– Brandi Boddie
11/04/2014 Love Never Fails
– Martha Rogers
11/04/2014 Clara's Wish
– Beth Shriver
11/04/2014 MEV SpiritLed Woman Bible
– Leatherlike Purple
11/04/2014 MEV SpiritLed Woman Bible
– Casebound
09/02/2014 MEV Thinline Reference Bible
– Casebound
09/02/2014 MEV Thinline Reference Bible
– Cranberry
09/02/2014 MEV Thinline Reference Bible
– Black

Submit Book Proposal


You will need to send us a proposal based on the questions provided by the Book Publishing Proposal Form. You can submit your submissions online or through regular mail. After our editors review your submission, we will notify you by mail or e-mail if the proposal was accepted, what imprint has accepted the manuscript, or if the proposal was declined. Allow four to eight weeks for the submission to be reviewed and a response letter sent.

Please carefully read the following information, and make sure to keep a copy of these guidelines after you have submitted your manuscript.

Note: Due to the increase in submissions, we no longer accept query phone calls or phone calls for submission updates.

Your manuscript and information are confidential. The material is reviewed and published only if it has been accepted and the author has been contracted.

We are NOT currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts from new authors, agents, and published authors.

If you have any questions please click on Frequently Asked Questions or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We look forward to receiving your proposal.

— Charisma House Editors


  1. Print out our Book Publishing Proposal Form and fill out the information in a query letter to the editors.
  2. Send the application along with a copy of the full manuscript. (We prefer to receive the full manuscript on a disk or CD-R.)
  3. Mail proposals and inquiries to:

    Charisma House
    Attn: Acquisitions Assistant
    600 Rinehart Rd., Lake Mary, FL 32746

DO NOT send original work; send copies only.


  1. Complete the Book Publishing Proposal Form.
  2. In the space provided on the application, make sure to attach your full manuscript as one Microsoft Word document.
  3. When finished, click on "Submit" to send the application and document. You will then receive an automatic confirmation that the application went through. (Please note your applications will not go through without your manuscript attached.)
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